Are you looking to break into the world of finance? If so, you’ve probably been sorting through the various jobs that are available.

You aren’t just aiming to get your foot in the door though. No, you’re aiming for the top.

In order to aim for the top, you’ve got to know what’s up there. To help you set your sites in the right direction, we’ve created this handy list. Here are five of the highest paying finance jobs and a little bit about each one.

1. Chief Executive Roles

Let’s just start at the top, shall we? While you may not be able to get your start in this high of a position, it’s a great one to aim for.

Chief executives make annual salaries of just under $200,000, on average. That’s over four times more than the average full-time worker’s salary!

As a chief executive, you’ll be the big man (or woman) on campus. You’ll help direct the overall functions of the business you work with. These jobs can be found in both public and private companies.

You’ll need stellar leadership skills to land a job as a chief executive, whether you’re a CEO, COO, or something else. You’ll need to work with many other people for the good of the company and its clients or customers.

2. Investment Broker

If you love working with all sorts of people and you’d like to make tons of money doing it, consider becoming an investment broker. As a broker, you’ll help buyers and sellers work out terms that are agreeable to both parties.

You’ll need some marketing skills to succeed in this job because you’ll need to get your name out there. Big name clients and investors aren’t looking for just anybody to help them put their money where they want it.

Customer service is huge in this job, as well. Whether you like your client or not, you’ll have to work with them and make them happy. Because if they’re happy, you’re happy.

The average salary for investment brokers hangs out around $157,000. Your annual income will come from a base salary, plus any commission you earn. That commission can be quite large, so aim for clients with deep pockets and, you guessed it, make them happy.

3. Hedge Fund Manager

While the chief executive jobs are the top when it comes to position, the hedge fund managers are at the top of the financial earners. Just how much can you make a hedge fund manager? Let’s just say, you may just find yourself among the few, the proud, the millionaires.

To make money like that, though, you’ve got to be willing to put in the work. This means you’ll likely work more than a typical work week. So if you’re looking for a regular nine to five, this isn’t the job for you.

As a hedge fund manager, you’ll spend your time actively monitoring hedge funds. You’ll also have to keep an eye on the market.

This isn’t an easy sit-around type of job. You’ll have to be actively working, researching, and protecting your clients’ funds.

You’ll have meetings, opportunities to consider, worked-through lunches, and sales work on your regular to-do list. And you may not get much sleep.

While this is an extremely high paying job, make sure you’re willing to give it your all. Consider all your priorities such as family, school, and healthy living, before jumping into this job, or you may just wish you were doing something else.

4. Bank Trader

If you’re looking for a quieter job, consider a career as a bank trader. You can do this as a simple venture from home, or turn it into something much larger.

Traders buy and sell financial items, such as stocks and forex. The goal is to complete closes that bring you financial gains.

If you’re aiming to play with the big boys, you’ll be playing with huge amounts of money. This means you’ve got to be confident in yourself and your skills.

If you’re easily distracted or can’t handle lots of tech in front of you, this probably isn’t the job for you. You’ll find yourself watching several computer screens at once in order to make great deals.

As a bank trader in the United States, you can expect to earn around $130,000 to $160,000 per year.

5. Sales Manager

If you’re interested in working in sales, aim for a managerial position. Sales managers make around $114,000 per year. While that’s the lowest annual salary on our list, let’s face it, that’s still a boatload of money.

As a manager, you’ll handle all things related to sales. This includes coordinating distribution, establishing goals, and creating training programs for lower level salespeople.

You’ll need some analytical thinking skills to pull off this job. This is one job where statistics matter, so we hope you paid attention in high school.

What do customers like? It’s your job to find out. You’ll also have to keep tabs on inventory.

If you love sales and tracking things, this job is definitely for you.

The Highest Paying Finance Jobs Are Within Your Reach

The highest paying finance jobs aren’t easy to obtain, but, they are within your reach. You’ll have to put the work in, but it’ll be worth it.

If any of these jobs caught your attention, find out exactly what you need to do to get it. Find out now what training and schooling you’ll need. A little research is all it takes to get you on the road to making the big bucks.

If you really want to get a jump on things, check out these five tips for landing a job in finance.