A Personality Quiz for Your Future

Financial Personalities

Professionals pursing a career in finance can be anything from an insurance broker to an accountant or anything in between. The wide variety of paths you can take in Finance mean that it’s important to know what you want out of a career, and knowing yourself can be one step to figuring out those goals. A career in Finance can often be challenging and face-paced, and demand people who are highly motivated and ready to go the extra mile. Taking this personality quiz can help you figure out where in Finance your priorities fit best.


Understanding Yourself

yourstyle_assessment-finalYour Style AssessmentPersonality assessments can help you better understand yourself and what’s important to your success. This assessment in particular can provide insight on how you make decisions, an important consideration when looking at a career. The personality assessment places you in one of sixteen categories that based on 4 different preferences.

You can be:

  • Extroverted or Introverted (E/I)
  • Sensing or Intuition (S/N)
  • Thinking or Feeling (T/F)
  • Judging or Perceiving (J/P)

Widely recognized as both popular and reliable, this assessment can help provide both personal and professional insight.

Putting the Letters in Place

Each individual letter has many different implications, but every combination is viewed as equal— there is no “best” type to be, so just be yourself! Here is a general sense of what each letter means for your type: (Infographic of personality dimensions)

Your Results and Your Career

Working in the field of Finance, it is important to know how you best communicate with others and how you perceive problems on the job. The results of this test can often lead you to a better understanding of why you react in certain ways and how you can be most helpful in various situations. This information is also telling of what you want out of your career—a great place to start if you’re unsure about your future. You could be a hard worker with an eye for detail or a big picture thinker who likes to take on big projects; either way, there is always a place for your skills in the field if you’re willing to put them to work.

The four different categories in the assessment give you an idea of how you handle different situations, and, more importantly, which ones you thrive in and how you can best help others thrive as well. Your personality type is closely related to your leadership style. While everyone can be a leader, knowing which ways you lead best is an important distinction to make if you’re looking to move up the ladder in the field of Finance.

Information like this can be a guide for you when looking at a new path. Whether it’s going back to school to keep moving forward on your current path or switching paths entirely for a new challenge, this assessment will provide an idea of where you can be successful.


Self Awareness: Where it Counts

As you move along in your career and in your life, your priorities are sure to change drastically as you move to new stages of life. Knowing who you are at the very core can help you maintain focus on your goals and what is really important to you.

This assessment can give you a sense of self awareness that brings a new perspective to your existing priorities and new vision for your future plans. Having that understanding now can help you down the road when life tries to get in the way.

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