MSF degree programA Master of Science in Finance degree can provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to quickly elevate your career and achieve your desired professional success.  This highly specialized degree equips students with a superior set of advanced financial skills that brings value to corporations and organizations of all sizes.

The expertise acquired through a MSF degree program changes the career arc for its graduates.  More and more people are looking for ways to position themselves to obtain finance positions that reward them financially and professionally.

Before jumping into a MSF program the biggest questions many applicants attempt to answer is- am I a good fit for a MSF degree? What types of people enroll in a MSF program? What would the backgrounds of my fellow classmates look like?

In no particular order, let’s take a look at the top 10 types of students that are found in MSF classrooms and see if you fit into this eclectic group of scholars.

Top 10 types of students that are found in MSF degree classrooms

1. Mid-level managers

Seasoned professionals who have made an impact in their organization through their management contributions. Often times these individuals have been identified as potential key contributors to the company’s future leadership team.  In order to gain a competitive advantage over similar candidates throughout their organization these individuals will bolster their resume and their knowledge by earning a MSF degree. If you feel like you have more to offer your organization and are prepared to take on a larger role a MSF degree can be a vehicle to that larger career opportunity.

2. Military to Civilian work

It is common to see members of the military transition into a position in finance when they separate from active duty and seek civilian career opportunities. The leadership skills that members of the military develop in their service is desired by companies and appreciated by clients. The skills and discipline acquired through military service translate well into civilian finance career opportunities making a MSF an excellent choice for those that are seeking a quantitative and financially rewarding career.

3. Educators

Teachers that are looking at becoming subject matter experts to make themselves more effective in the classroom benefit from a MSF degree. The ability to convey challenging financial concepts in a manner that students understand quickly helps to inspire students to learn more and broaden their interests and expertise. A MSF degree is a great way to deepen your knowledge and give you the advanced skills to elevate your teaching abilities and help to inspire the next generation of financial leaders.

4. Entrepreneurs

The reality of being an entrepreneur is that it requires you to be knowledgeable in a wide array of subject matters. A MSF degree can be invaluable to entrepreneurs that need an advanced set of financial skills to properly grow their business. A solid understanding of concepts like capital budgeting, cost of capital and financial modeling can reduce your reliance on others and position yourself to make solid business decisions that promote growth and fiscal responsibility.

5. Recent College Graduates

Going from the classroom, to your first job, back to the classroom makes a lot of sense for those recent graduates that are eager to leapfrog their peers with a superior set of financial skills. A MSF degree demonstrates to employers that you are passionate about the field of finance and looking for a great career opportunity and not just a job.  An advanced degree compensates for a lack of experience and positions you well to make a larger contribution to your employer and get recognized as a potential leader early on in your career. Let a MSF degree help put you on the fast track to professional success.

6. Cha-cha-cha-changing

Many career changers find a MSF degree to be the perfect vehicle to assist them in getting out of the work they are doing now and into a role in finance that they are excited about. If you found that your professional passion is in finance and you have already graduated with a bachelor degree in another discipline don’t worry as the advanced skills acquired in a MSF program are highly desirable by employers making it a great option for career changers.

7. Momentum Climbers

Individuals that are being recognized and rewarded for their meaningful contributions often look for ways to continue that momentum up the corporate ladder by obtaining a graduate degree. A MSF degree provides an important set of skills and a depth of knowledge that helps to increase career momentum. If you are ready to continue climbing a MSF degree may be the perfect complement to your current skills to ensure that climb takes place.

8. Stalled Out and Ready to go

Conversely, if your career has stalled and is in need of a true kick start, a MSF degree may be the ideal way to get your career moving forward again. By mastering the most complex business concepts you will increase your value and widen potential career opportunities.  Specialized skills are desired in the workplace more than ever now.

9. Credential Seekers

Credentials matte! Being able to support your thoughts, ideas and recommendations with a MSF credential gives you credibility when talking to people at all levels. You become trusted and valued because of your MSF credential.  To really elevate your career it is not just necessary to have the skills to perform the job but also have the trust of those around you that you have the knowledge to perform the job. The trust of your superiors is invaluable and a MSF credential can solidify that trust.

10. C-Suite Aspirations

If your goals are set at the top-of-the-top, in will be imperative that you have a solid and advanced set of skills in finance. You may not be preparing financial statements and running financial models yourself, however you have to comprehend the outputs that you are provided with and ask the right questions to obtain the information necessary to make meaningful and successful executive level business decisions. A MSF degree will give you the financial acumen to pursue your C-suite aspirations.

A MSF degree makes sense for people coming from all kinds of academics and professional backgrounds.  Although, this is not an exhaustive list of everyone that fits well into a MSF program it is a look at just how diverse the backgrounds are for those pursuing a MSF degree to enjoy an elevated level of professional success.  As you can see from the list above, if you have a passion for finance and a desire to make a meaningful contribution in this discipline a MSF degree can be the perfect vehicle to achieving your professional goals.

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The MSF Degree Fit: Do I Belong?
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The MSF Degree Fit: Do I Belong?
Before jumping into a MSF program the biggest questions many applicants attempt to answer is- am I a good fit for a MSF degree?
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