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Flexible MBA

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School part-time Flexible MBA program is developing a new generation of business leaders. Focusing on business with humanity in mind, the Carey Business School is tackling society’s most vexing problems, including those in four key domains: enterprise risk management, health care management, financial businesses, and real estate and infrastructure. Carey MBA students develop a deep understanding of these key focus areas and so are poised for substantial economic growth and jobs creation.

This unique MBA program offers nine concentrations along with an option of selecting a second concentration to customize your degree to fit your professional path.

  • Enterprise Risk Management Concentration (On-site): With a concentration in Enterprise Risk Management you will learn how to deal with known and unknown risks, mastering the strategies for steering your organization clear of hazards while establishing your own expertise in this fast-moving field.
  • Financial Business (Online & On-site): With a concentration in Financial Business will you will learn to use cutting-edge technology, financial methodologies, and financial modeling to analyze complex problems in a global context.
  • Health Care Management (Online & On-site): Bringing together the best in health care education with the most innovative approach to teaching business, the Health Care Management concentration provides a world-class opportunity to reshape the industry’s outdated business models and improve public health in communities across the globe.
  • Entrepreneurship Concentration (On-site): Those who choose the concentration in Entrepreneurship choose to cultivate innovation in the field of business. This concentration focuses on the financial management and strategies needed to start a new venture.
  • Information Systems Concentration (On-site): The Information Systems concentration allows students to integrate their business expertise with the technical components of developing, managing, and deploying information systems.
  • Marketing Concentration (On-site): The Marketing concentration blends insights in consumer behavior, big data, new technology, and the psychology of persuasion.
  • Management Concentration (Online & On-site): Learn to lead and to solve complex problems with a Management concentration. Focus on decision making, leadership, organizational change and negotiation.
  • Real Estate and Infrastructure Concentration (On-site): This concentration will provide you with insights into multiple areas of study including development, finance, sustainability, market analysis, real estate law, and more.
  • Interdisciplinary Business Concentration (On-site): The Interdisciplinary Business Concentration gives you the opportunity to customize your concentration by choosing electives that align with your individual interests.

Master of Science in Finance (Online & On-site)

This rigorous, part-time quantitative program will equip you with major concepts used by financial businesses. Keeping business with humanity in mind, this finance program also fosters ethical decision making and critical thinking to equip you with the skills needed to become a leader in financial business. Using a mix of financial methodologies and technology, you’ll work with financial professionals to learn insight on the newest topics in this rapidly emerging field.

Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management (On-site)

Prepare to embrace uncertainty in business with the MS in Enterprise Management. From crisis management to internal cybersecurity, you’ll learn about the some of the biggest threats facing today’s businesses – and how they can be anticipated and prevented. The in-depth curriculum of this program focuses on known and unknown threats, giving you a bonafide experience in assessing and dealing with risk in an organizational setting. Using real-world businesses as a basis for your examinations, this degree will prepare you for a diverse learning experience in protecting your organization’s assets.

Master of Science in Information Systems (On-site)

With new technology emerging each year, the need has never been higher for a degree in Information Systems. Using technology as a tool for better business, you’ll not only learn the knowledge you need to succeed, but also the skills to give you confidence in making ethical judgments with business strategies and decisions. The ethical aspect of this degree makes it ideal for more than those solely interested in Information Systems, and can also benefit those looking to gain a better understanding of technology’s role in an organization.

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