The Earning Potential That Comes with a Master’s Degree in Finance

The Awesome Earning Potential of a Master's Degree in Finance (MSF) (Hint: Average Salaries Starting at $80,000) Thinking about continuing your education in finance? You should. And the fact that the consumer financial service industry alone is a multi-trillion-dollar industry is a good enough reason. A whopping $6.6 trillion revenue every year. This is impressive, [...]

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Accenture Careers: Employer Spotlight

Here’s a look inside consulting giant Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) which has become one of the largest consulting companies in the world. Domiciled in Ireland since 2009, the firm has nearly 400,000 employees spread around the globe (roughly half located in India). The firm is a prestigious destination for aspiring finance professionals. Accenture Careers Broadly [...]

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Spotlight: 5 Careers The University of Scranton’s Online MSF Prepares You For

Spotlight: The University of Scranton's Online Master of Science in Finance (MSF) -- and the Careers It Prepares You For. Innovation in technology has made many aspects of our lives easier. But it has also created significant shifts in the workforce. Jobs are changing rapidly, which means that occupations that are profitable today might not [...]

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Three Top Paying Jobs for Economics Majors

Salary Review: Economics Professionals With A Master's Earn $30k+ More Most entry-level jobs in the economics field requires a Master’s, while others are paid abundantly more because of the degree. According to a Georgetown study in 2015, Economics majors median annual wages for a Bachelor's was $76,000 whereas the median annual wages for a Master's was approximately $109,000. Economics is [...]

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3 Rising Women in Risk Management

As a complement to our Women in Finance series, we wanted to spotlight women that are making a difference mitigating risk for their organizations. While not considered the flashiest segment of finance, an increasing number of women are nevertheless choosing the risk management path- and for good reason. Women are compensated highest, relative to men, [...]

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Deutsche Bank’s Risk Management is Becoming a Punchline

Things just keep getting worse for Deutsche Bank. The latest mishap for the German giant was an inadvertent $35 billion wire sent to an external account as collateral for a derivatives position. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, realize that this is more than the entire market cap of Deutsche Bank (the correct [...]

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