Deloitte CareersWhen you think of Deloitte, you probably think of plain-vanilla tax and accounting services. While the firm does have expertise in this area (they are a Big 4 accounting firm after all) they have become much more. Deloitte is actually the world’s largest management consulting firm and has taken steps to grow this area of its business.1 Their data scientists also develop cutting edge analytic programs to navigate the latest technologies. There are probably many Deloitte careers you never considered.

About Deloitte

Deloitte, also known as (Deloitte Consulting and Deloitte Touche Tomatsu, Limited) was founded in London back in 1885. Today, the firm has over 70,000 employees around the world. Despite its size Deloitte has remained a private company throughout which gives it more flexibility. They have been listed on Fortune’s annual ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list (for the 16th time).2 Bloomberg’s Business Week has also named Deloitte the ‘Best Place to Start a Career’.3

Deloitte operates in these areas:

  • Advisory
  • Consulting
  • Tax
  • M&A
  • Audit
  • Analytics

Deloitte Advisory

The Advisory division comprises the firm’s risk consulting and financial advisory businesses. Their primary function is to mitigate risks for clients. They do this by improving processes ranging from compliance and fraud detection to valuation and mergers and acquisitions.

Deloitte specializes in Treasury risk management following corporate acquisitions. Given persistently low interest rates and easy corporate credit conditions of the past few years, many transactions are financed through the debt capital markets. But the combined entity may face the possibility of a credit downgrade or the breach of existing debt covenants.

Debt covenants are protections for existing bondholders that put caps on taking on too much debt, measured by a number of various financial ratios like debt to equity or the cash ratio. Deloitte works with Treasury departments to ensure there is adequate liquidity and cash flow. By accurately assessing the financial ramifications of a merger, a client can be sure it isn’t placing itself in a worse position. Deloitte’s reputation also helps convince the markets of this fact.

Management Consulting

The consulting division helps clients overcome obstacles by improving strategies and processes. Within Consulting, Deloitte has subsectors including Technology, Human Capital and Strategy & Operations.

Of all Deloitte’s divisions, consulting is the largest contributor to total revenues (36%).4 And they are continuing to grow, with over 1600 positions available in management consulting, for the right candidates.5

Recent consulting projects include a complete customer service overhaul of gas giant AmeriGas, allowing them to save money by unlocking resources devoted to non-core efforts. Deloitte also assisted the USGA in helping improve their brand to focus on the modern day golfer and the challenges they face (time constraints, cost, diminishing popularity, etc.).

Going forward, the biggest consulting opportunities may be in technology with the confluence of robotics, cloud computing, virtual reality, fintech, artificial intelligence, blockchain and analytics.6 Companies are struggling with keeping up with these new technologies and figuring out how to implement them into their operations.


This is the firm’s bread and butter and its original core competency. Deloitte assists in complicated tax situations for Fortune 500 companies as well as governments.

They also handle the complexities of high net worth individual’s taxes. Many of these clients have small businesses or family businesses which can have complicated taxes and the need for succession planning. Although the IRS has started to look hard at these entities, some high net worth clients set up family offices. So Deloitte offers expertise to auditing, strategy and compliance for such structures.


Perhaps nowhere is the financial risk as profound as with a poor acquisition.

Just look at HP’s $11 billion purchase, and subsequent $9 billion write-off, of Autonomy.7 There was underlying risk permeating that acquisition that should have been uncovered. Proper due diligence of Autonomy’s accounting records was clearly not done prior to the transaction. A thorough analysis of the corporate culture should also be done to assess the sustainability of such a marriage.


The audit team works. Special assignments for auditors may include working with internal and external forensic accountants on the hunt for financial criminals or signs of illegal accounting practices such as embezzlement or fraud.

The audit committee is also tasked with overseeing the signing off on public financial filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). But they are also heavily involved with smaller, private companies. Deloitte uses its audit teams to assist emerging-growth companies. Insightful auditing can reveal incredible insight, and potential, for these companies. For these, capital introductions may follow, if applicable, from Deloitte’s vast network in the venture capitalVenture Capitals Next Gen: Celebrities space.


The analytics segment utilizes the latest data science to streamline business operations. One area they specialize in is workforce analytics, where Deloitte has created its own program known as LaborWise. This helps customers control labor cost ‘leaks’ such as unnecessary overtime costs, employee missed meals and time card rounding.8

According to Deloitte and ISG analysis, payroll leakage can cost between 0.5% and 2.5% of all labor costs.9

Since labor is often the largest cost for Fortune 500 companies, plugging such leaks typically saves these companies around $30 million in payroll spending.10

Deloitte Jobs

Some of the best jobs at Deloitte are offered to those with advanced degrees such as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Finance, Masters in Health Administration, Masters in Accounting or Masters in Information Systems.

For those with a Masters in Accounting degree, (Online MAcc degrees are increasingly popular option) Deloitte accepts applications for consultants in the advisory, tax, and strategy and operations finance divisions. Here’s a look at two of those positions, advisory consultant and manager.

Advisory Consultant

Consultants assist clients in improving operational performance. This is generally accomplished quantitatively through analytics or qualitatively through interviews with client personnel. As a consultant (in addition to job description is also a rank, meaning professional entry-level) Deloitte typically looks for outstanding candidates with a solid academic record (3.2 GPA or higher) and demonstrated problem solving skills.

Top candidates for this position will have an advanced degree. The three degrees Deloitte lists under ‘Qualifications’ for Advisory Consultant are Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Accounting, or a Masters in Information Systems.11 If hired, you will move onto Deloitte’s training program, known as Deloitte University, where they will teach and mentor you on the position.

According to compensation site Glassdoor, the typical consultant’s average total pay at Deloitte is $90,197.12 They base this on input from over 6,000 salary reports. Deloitte employees generally stay at consultant a few years before being named senior consultant. What’s the difference? In addition to the title and additional street cred within the company, the total compensation bumps up to $120,961.13

Manager, Finance Business Partner

When you move up from senior consultant, the next step is manager. Deloitte is recruiting a Manager, Finance Business Partner for Deloitte’s consulting division. This position works directly with the senior management of client firms providing strategic insight and advice. These professionals typically earn $153,328 in total compensation according to Glassdoor.14

The qualifications for this position include a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, but they prefer an MBA or CFA. Deloitte also wants to see at least four years of finance experience covering financial reporting and analysis as well as quality and risk management.

Working at Deloitte

Leadership development is a major theme at Deloitte and they pride themselves on being named “#1 Private Firm for Leaders” by Chief Executive for 2014 and 2015.15,16 Deloitte also fosters tomorrow’s leaders. They’ve worked with Chicago public high schools to find and help develop leadership potential in students.

While compensation isn’t as high as some finance jobs in investment banking or the hedge fund industry, they are quite generous nonetheless. If you are considering an advanced degree to move into a managerial role, this could pay off well at Deloitte. As we reported, compensation at Deloitte has one of the highest ceilings in consulting. According to ‘Management Consulted’, the low end of reported total compensation for first year MBAs at Deloitte Consulting was approximately $165,000.17

Landing a Deloitte job can be tough, but successful candidates enjoy health (and dental) benefits, the usual wellness perks such as gym memberships, and even pet insurance. For retirement savings, Deloitte offers employees a 401 (k) plan (although the 25 cent per dollar match for the first 6% falls a bit short to other consulting firms according to some reviews we found). That being said, Deloitte has a rarity in the corporate world today-a defined benefit pension plan. For eligible employees, it provides a monthly income for life or a one-time lump sum distribution after retirement.

There are also educational perks at Deloitte. After one year of service, employees are eligible for up to $10,000 in tuition reimbursement.18 There is also the state of the art training program, Deloitte University, that new hires attend.

And if you decide to leave Deloitte, the benefits don’t end when your position does. As “Colleagues for Life”, Deloitte fosters an extensive alumni network. They offer a career development center an alumni referral program and numerous alumni gatherings for networking. The events are well-represented, a New York alumni event for financial services had over 400 attendees.19 The company also provides discounts at over 32,000 stores for current employees and alumni.

Like USAA, Deloitte institutes programs for hiring veterans. The company also prides itself on a very diverse workforce. Deloitte careers offer creative professionals the chance to travel the world and assist on interesting and challenging projects. We are extremely impressed with Deloitte and all it has to offer.







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When you think of Deloitte, you probably think of plain-vanilla tax and accounting services. There are probably many Deloitte careers you never considered.
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