The Earning Potential That Comes with a Master’s Degree in Finance

The Awesome Earning Potential of a Master's Degree in Finance (MSF) (Hint: Average Salaries Starting at $80,000) Thinking about continuing your education in finance? You should. And the fact that the consumer financial service industry alone is a multi-trillion-dollar industry is a good enough reason. A whopping $6.6 trillion revenue every year. This is impressive, [...]

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Spotlight: 5 Careers The University of Scranton’s Online MSF Prepares You For

Spotlight: The University of Scranton's Online Master of Science in Finance (MSF) -- and the Careers It Prepares You For. Innovation in technology has made many aspects of our lives easier. But it has also created significant shifts in the workforce. Jobs are changing rapidly, which means that occupations that are profitable today might not [...]

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