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Financial Sports Management

Today’s financial advisors must cater to a diverse clientele. There are Millennials, wrestling with student loans, Gen X’ers saving for their own children’s tuition and Baby Boomers addressing both fixed income and longevity needs. Of course, there are plenty of niches in between. Maybe the most challenging clients of financial sports management are professional athletes. [...]

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Masters of Finance: Robert Kiyosaki

The latest addition to our Masters of Finance series is investor and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki. While the author of numerous personal finance books including The Guide to Investing and Cash Flow Quadrant, Mr. Kiyosaki is best known for his bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad, which chronicles his childhood in Hawaii. He has parlayed the exposure [...]

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Fund of Funds

With the pain of the financial crisis still fresh among equity investors, the quest for uncorrelated asset classes remains strong. These alternative investments, considered safe havens by risk-averse investors, include commodities, real estate, frontier market securities, smart beta ETFs, and hedge funds. The inclusion of these segments diversifies an investment portfolio, reducing market risk. Some [...]

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Elder Financial Abuse: A Cowardly Crime

Elder financial abuse is a despicable fraud that targets older members of our population. Often, these victims live alone, have diminished mental faculties, or are financially unsophisticated. This type of abuse is unfortunately all too common. A 2016 study by Allianz Life Insurance Company found that 37% of active care givers reported their client had [...]

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Masters of Finance Series: Bill Ackman

The newest addition to our Masters of Finance series is hedge fund manager William “Bill” Ackman. Ackman, 50, was raised in the upscale New York town of Chappaqua, the current home of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Who is Bill Ackman? An extremely driven child, Ackman went on to attend Harvard for both undergraduate and graduate [...]

2017-04-14T11:40:39+00:00 April 14th, 2017|

Money Laundering Back in Focus

Corruption has certainly been at the forefront of media coverage over the last year. The release of the infamous ‘Panama Papers’ unleashed a treasure trove of information on global fraud facilitated by a shady Panamanian law firm. And other scandals such as the Brazilian ‘Car Wash’ Operation and 1MDB have also been uncovered. While these [...]

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3 Financial Designations Facing Headwinds

The stock market’s boom over the last few years is no secret, with many indexes continually making new all-time highs. But there is another boom occurring within the finance industry-the growth of professional designations and certifications. You can become ‘certified’, ‘chartered’ or ‘accredited’ in everything from life insurance and annuities to estate planning and fraud [...]

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3 Worthy Financial Designations

We realize that the alphabet soup of financial designations can seem overwhelming. Distinguishing between valuable certifications and the more arcane offerings is becoming increasingly difficult. This is one reason many traditional financial firms still highly value the classic MBA. But some designations are useful, providing niche curriculum not heavily covered in Master’s programs. Here are [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to work in Government Accounting

By Jessica Scheck, MBA Have you ever considered a career in government accounting?  Accountants have countless options when it comes to choosing a career path. Accounting graduates often contemplate working in the private or public sectors of accounting, but employment in government accounting also provides opportunity for a fulfilling career. This article presents the top [...]

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