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Worried About the GMAT, Don’t Be

Working Professionals May Sidestep the GMAT It’s no secret that earning an MBA degree increases financial career options. An understanding of accounting, finance, economics and statistics is essential in today’s financial environment. This knowledge is especially helpful for candidates with a liberal arts or non-business background. But let’s face it-most professionals pursue an MBA to [...]

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Overseas Finance Jobs: Career Considerations

If the idea of working in an exotic locale like Sydney, Dubai, or Sao Paulo sounds appealing, consider a financial career abroad. The multi-cultural learning experience and enhanced perspective are highly valued by U.S. financial companies. Today, it’s easier than ever to land overseas finance jobs. There are staffing agencies all over the world (and [...]

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Top 3 Career Options to Combat Financial Crime

Innovation creates exciting new business opportunities around the world. But the confluence of technologies also brings new threats-costly ones. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, ACFE, a staggering $3.5 trillion is lost globally due to economic and financial crime.1 The evolving nature of attacks requires new strategies and tools to defend against. If [...]

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Women in Finance: Helen Riley

The newest member of our Women in Finance Series is Helen Riley, the Chief Financial Officer of Google ‘X’ one of the ‘emerging business’ divisions at Alphabet, the name for Google’s parent company. Alphabet’s other Emerging Business areas include Life Sciences and Robotics. ‘X’ is where many of the company’s famous (and sometimes infamous) “Moonshot” [...]

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It’s Summer Internship Season

Despite just a 4.4% unemployment rate, finance jobs remain some of the toughest to obtain. The chance to earn outsized compensation draws the best and brightest from not only the top U.S. schools, but also around the world. Consequently, you may need to begin your financial career at the bottom-with a finance internship. Interns are basically [...]

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Financial Sports Management

Today’s financial advisors must cater to a diverse clientele. There are Millennials, wrestling with student loans, Gen X’ers saving for their own children’s tuition and Baby Boomers addressing both fixed income and longevity needs. Of course, there are plenty of niches in between. Maybe the most challenging clients of financial sports management are professional athletes. [...]

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Masters of Finance: Robert Kiyosaki

The latest addition to our Masters of Finance series is investor and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki. While the author of numerous personal finance books including The Guide to Investing and Cash Flow Quadrant, Mr. Kiyosaki is best known for his bestseller, Rich Dad Poor Dad, which chronicles his childhood in Hawaii. He has parlayed the exposure [...]

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Fund of Funds

With the pain of the financial crisis still fresh among equity investors, the quest for uncorrelated asset classes remains strong. These alternative investments, considered safe havens by risk-averse investors, include commodities, real estate, frontier market securities, smart beta ETFs, and hedge funds. The inclusion of these segments diversifies an investment portfolio, reducing market risk. Some [...]

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Elder Financial Abuse: A Cowardly Crime

Elder financial abuse is a despicable fraud that targets older members of our population. Often, these victims live alone, have diminished mental faculties, or are financially unsophisticated. This type of abuse is unfortunately all too common. A 2016 study by Allianz Life Insurance Company found that 37% of active care givers reported their client had [...]

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Masters of Finance Series: Bill Ackman

The newest addition to our Masters of Finance series is hedge fund manager William “Bill” Ackman. Ackman, 50, was raised in the upscale New York town of Chappaqua, the current home of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Who is Bill Ackman? An extremely driven child, Ackman went on to attend Harvard for both undergraduate and graduate [...]

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