About Financial Career Options

Real Financial Career Information

At Financial Career Options, our goal is to provide you with real career information about the areas of finance you’re interested in. We cover the most popular career options in finance such as trading, accounting, banking, asset management, operations, insurance, research, financial planning and economics. We cover some areas of finance that aren’t as mainstream such as hedge funds, private equity funds and investment banking and discuss the different positions available, the hierarchy at these firms and what to expect working there.

Insider Insight to Financial Careers

We provide an inside view into these positions written by and for others in the finance and accounting industry. We discuss which positions offer the least room for advancement, which has the highest ceiling for compensation, which type of jobs will work you ragged and which have the best hours. Some offer little job security while others are prestigious but don’t pay particularly well. Our contributors have advanced degrees and designations plus experience in these organizations so we aim to provide an honest assessment of these different areas. We strive to provide more insight on particular financial sectors than you typically find online while offering compensation gauges and color into real world applications. Some financial terms and lingo can seem like another language but we break that down as well.

Connect with Necessary Education and Resources

Some of these areas are difficult to break into and certain types of degrees or designations may be necessary. We try and offer insight into which degrees and designations would help land particular jobs in finance. Some require PhDs while others need a bachelor’s degree or just a certification. But many professionals looking for career advancement find that Masters level graduate programs and advanced designations open many doors. Are you looking to move up within your own company, looking for a better situation or are you switching careers entirely? We can help you assess what to look for in different programs. We also debate which designations and degrees to pursue such as CFA vs.MBA.

The financial landscape has changed drastically over the last twenty years and we expect it to do so over the next twenty. We look at what trends might affect various jobs in finance. Financial technologies or ‘FinTech’ are gaining traction and we try and offer insight as to which sectors will be affected by them and which may benefit in the years to come. Financial innovation has brought many benefits to finance but it also brings serious risks-some of which may not be fully understood.

The ‘global economy’ appears to have truly unlocked some doors that had been closed for years. Unprecedented investments in emerging markets and the growth potential are reasons for excitement. What will the world’s reserve currency be in twenty years-the U.S. dollar, Chinese yuan, gold, bitcoin? However the economy moves, furthering your education is an investment yourself and can help insulate you from the cyclicality notorious in the financial sector.

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